Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is another controversial figure in the UK currently. She claims to be an anti-racist but attracts more criticism than most for her own views.

Alibhai-Brown is a journalist who also identifies as a lefty-liberal and a feminist. Born in Uganda in 1949, she came to Britain in the early 1970’s.

Her areas of expertise are diversity, multiculturalism and bashing whites generally. Some of the vile things to come out of her mouth would land most in jail these days.

Considering she identifies as an anti-racist, she does little to justify this image. Below is one example of her anti-racism.

“I Don’t Like White Men, I Want Them to Be a Lost Species”.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Can you imagine if anyone said such a thing about her fellow Muslims? Not only is this abhorrent racism but it’s directed at the indigenous population of the place she sought refuge. It’s clear that racism is not racism as long as the victims happen to be white.

A short time after she left Uganda, Idi Amin began expelling Ugandan Asians. She found safety in the UK and this is how she repays that generosity?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Getting Dismantled On Jeremy Vine

Alibhai-Brown recently appeared on the Jeremy Vine show to again push her bile. Her reason for the appearance was to bash President Trump and call him a racist. This is because Trump called out four anti-American Democrats without mentioning race.

“The Squad” as they are known often push anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric. Alibhai-Brown had to confront Lorraine, a black lady who argues that Trump is not racist. Alibhai-Brown refers to herself and any non-whites as “people of colour”. This is another attempt by her to push her anti-white rhetoric.

Lorraine makes it clear that she is not a person of colour but in fact, black. She goes on to tell Alibhai-Brown that she is brown. Another talking point is that the word “racist” is seeing so much overuse that it’s losing it’s meaning. If we all call out all forms of racism moving forward it will help to deter it’s use.

Revenge For Colonialism

YAB goes on to attack whites and their fears of becoming a minority in this article by the Guardian. She says it’s “revenge for colonialism”, like “the empire strikes back”. So everywhere that was once a colony has a free pass to transform the UK at the expense of the indigenous population.

Revenge For Colonialism

The Wright Stuff Anti-White Racist Hate Speech

Yasmin Alibhai Brown confirms her anti-white racism in a comment made on the 25 August 2008. Appearing on Five’s The Wright Stuff discussion programme. They speak of an employment issue relating to white men. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said: “Take his advice, Don’t apply”. It would be great if you lot just went away, white, middle class men. We’d just walk in wouldn’t we.” When challenged by the host for the day, Richard Bacon, “Is that not a racist comment?” she replied: “Of course”.

Unfortunately the video below is not the best quality but it confirms this text.

Ofcom got several complaints of racism after the show had aired. The liberal media decided not to take any action as the victims were white.

Immigrants Are Smarter Than Little Englanders

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown causes yet more controversy when she claims she is smarter than Little “Englanders”. This is because she is an immigrant and speaks four languages. Not once does she mention that much of her higher education was obtained in the UK.


I Will Leave The UK Minute Boris Becomes PM

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown also said she would leave the UK the minute Boris Johnson becomes PM. We are only 5 days from knowing who will win the Tory election to be new leader. Boris is the big favourite to become PM with up to 75% of the vote.

I Will Leave The UK Minute Boris Becomes PM

We have offered to help her with her packing but will no doubt be stuck with her race-baiting.


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