The footage above captures the moment of the latest acid attack in London. This time the location was Hackney on Friday 20th June at 7:20 pm. Two men approach another vehicle with two other males and douse them with acid. Once throwing the acid inside the car the thugs shout “P***yhole! P***yhole!”

It’s likely that this attack was on a rival local gang by another gang. That is only speculation until more facts on the motive come to light.

Both males exit their car and begin to strip their clothes on the street. The footage then continues with locals rushing to the aid of the two young males. Many water containers such as bottles and pans are used to help wash off the acid.

London ambulance service and police offices were quick on the scene to provide help. Both males were then taken to hospital for non life threatening medical attention.

London Is Now The Acid Attack Capital Of The West

London now has the infamous reputation as the acid attack capital of the west. There are at least 1700 different cases since 2011. This figure could be well over 2000 separate cases.

Despite harsher sentences now given to offenders, these attacks happen far too often. A few years ago, you could expect around a five year sentence for carrying out an acid attack. This offence can now earn you a life sentence, especially in the event of a fatality.

One of the victims has made an appearance on the social network Snapchat. The young man shows his injuries but has a sinister message for his attackers. The male says “You f**ked up, you should have killed me”. This is another suggestion that the offence could be gang related.

This attack was one of four acid attacks in the last week alone. So far the police are asking for more information and are yet to make any arrests.


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