The video above was the campaign video of Sadiq Khan’s vision for London. Throughout this page, we will show the nightmare reality of this failed Mayor.

Khan made so many promises to Londoner’s, none of which he has been able to keep. He makes a big point of restoring community policing and tackling knife crime. Other important aspects are cheap affordable housing and being tough on extremism.

Over the last three years, Khan has put his alternate agenda into place. He even claims to have made London a safer place under his leadership. This is despite most violent crime figures soaring since he took over from Boris Johnson.

No doubt pointing out the facts will make us a target for labels and criticism but facts don’t lie. Nobody in a position of power should be exempt from those facts. Khan has a duty to look after all Londoner’s and visitors to London. He has failed miserably and his removal from his post is long overdue. At the very least, there is no way Khan should be allowed to stand for re-election as Mayor of London.

Knife Crime & Other Violent Crime

Towards the beginning of the video Khan promises to be hard on knife crime especially. This is one of the main areas where Khan has failed to meet his promise. Knife crime is currently at epidemic levels across the capital. The facts show that knife crime is now at it’s highest level in over a decade.

On inspection of the Met Polices statistics, knife crime rose 55% under the first two years of Khan. There were 9,704 knife crime offences in 2015/2016. This figure had risen to 15,003 in 2018 which is a failure of epic proportions.

The Met Police reported 21,361 robberies in 2015/2016. In 2018, this rose to 35,216 which is an increase of 65%. Gun crime rose by 30% when making the same comparison. The figure of 135 homicides in 2018 was a 26% increase on 2016. In fact, most statistics for violent crime saw significant increases. These include rape, vehicle taken crime, residential burglaries and knife crime with injury / robbery.

Sexual Offences & Rapes

Another startling statistic is the rise in sexual offences and rapes. Close to 5000 sexual offences have been reported to the Met Police in London so far this year. This in an increase of 80% from figures in 2011. So far there have also been 3200 cases of rape, a massive increase of 140%.

Sexual Offences London 2019

Affordable Housing

Khan also said he would make affordable housing a priority if he become Mayor. He also claimed that Londoner’s would be giving “first dibs” on new homes. International investors would have to wait, another outrageous lie. Investors from abroad flocked to London pricing everyone else out of the market.

In fact, many have had to leave London as they can’t afford homes there. In 2018, Khan promised to start work on 14,000 new affordable homes. By the end of the first quarter, work had begun on 1097. Khan received almost £5 billion in taxpayer funding for subsidised housing.

The target was to build 122,000 homes by 2022, work has begun on only 41,704. The London Assembly said Khan must do better as this pledge stands at just over a third three years into his leadership. When you compare Khan’s record to the previous decade, this is another epic failure on his part.

Community Policing & Khan’s Vanity Projects

Khan’s also said he would make it a priority to restore community police to the streets. If this were true then violent crime especially would not be at epidemic levels.

Khan blames everything on austerity cuts by the Tories and the previous Mayor Boris Johnson. Not once is he on record accepting any of the blame for the current state of London.

As we mention above, it’s Khan’s responsibility to ensure the safety of Londoner’s. A good Mayor would use their budget wisely to ensure citizens are safe. What we have seen is Khan wasting that money on a host of pointless vanity projects and nonsense.

Last week he announced he would pledge 1 million pounds to fight right wing extremism in the capital. This is absurd and a total waste of funding which should be going to police to tackle violent crime. It’s hard to know where all these right wing extremists are coming from. It would seem this is a figment of the Mayor’s imagination. Maybe Khan believes that the kids killing each other on the streets are right wing extremists?

Khan also enjoys blowing money on online policing on social networks such as Twitter. He appears to be more keen on preventing petty hate crime than dealing with violent crime. As always, there is plenty of money for rubbish but none for extra police despite his promises.


Transport is another area where Khan has badly let down the capital. His ridiculous pledge to freeze Tfl prices have them running at a record deficit of almost £1 billion. £640 million of that is due to the price freeze as London’s transport system creaks.

Tfl have also had cuts to government grants which have not helped either to be fair. The transport system is seeing a big decrease in passengers using their services. There are now plans to scale down certain bus routes due to lack of funding and under use.

Khan has also been under fire for hiring well paid people to push his own diversity and tolerance agenda. The Sun Newspaper reports that 30 senior bosses – earning at least £50,000 – have “diversity” in their job description.

And 34 highly paid members of staff are working on inclusion. No diversity employee earned more than £50,000 per year under Boris. Khan as usual is blowing money on rubbish instead of putting it to good use to improve the transport system.
Khan spends far too much time poking his nose into things that do not concern him. He seems to spend more time poking his nose into other business than doing his actual job. Some examples of this would be Brexit, the refugee crisis or his ongoing feud with President Trump.

Poking His Nose Into Others Business

Khan spends far too much time poking his nose into things that do not concern him. He seems to spend more time poking his nose into other business than doing his actual job. Some examples of this would be Brexit, the refugee crisis or his ongoing feud with President Trump.

Khan likes to get involved with government affairs with regards to Brexit. This is a government issue and nothing to do with him whatsoever. His pro remain globalist stance is well known but he should not be getting involved in matters of Brexit. Anyone would think he is doing an outstanding job as Mayor with time on his hands for other issues.

Khan has often spoken up about the refugee crisis which should also not concern him. Perhaps if he had stuck to his targets for affordable housing then taking in more refugees would be ok. Immigration into our country is not the job of the Mayor of London to decide. Khan once voted for resettling 3000 Syrian refugees before he became Mayor. That was the time to get involved in that debate and should not be his concern now.

The Feud between Khan and President Trump is also not something Khan should be wasting time on. What he needs to understand is that Trump is a world leader and Khan is not. President Trump is the leader of the free world and our closest ally, Khan is the Mayor of a city. Khan’s recent comments comparing Trump to a fascist is an absolute disgrace. It was made worse by the timing of those ill judged comments.

The President was visiting London as a guest of the Queen for a state visit. He was also there to remember those that died 75 years previous for the D Day landings. Those were the people fighting real fascism, not Khan’s modern day interpretation.

A Mayor For All Londoner’s?

Khan said he would be the Mayor for all Londoner’s, that must be some kind of joke. The reality is that plenty of indigenous folk from London are leaving due to crime. Others are leaving because they can’t afford the homes Khan was going to build.

Many of the indigenous population that remain are middle class liberals. It makes us wonder what it will take for them to realise Khan is a poor Mayor. Others will be rich that do not have to live with the crime and other problems of London today. Many preaching their liberal agenda from behind walls and rich areas with no crime.

A good percentage of knife crime victims are young black males who Khan is failing. Both him and Theresa May have blood on their hands for their intervention of stop and search. It may seem unfair to target kids by their ethnicity but it will no doubt save lives. Gangs are a massive issue now, especially in areas of East London and South East London.

The police appear to be under constant attack and have lost control of the streets in some areas. A recent reports suggests there is an assault on a police officer every 20 minutes. There are tons of recent videos that show attacks on the police. A few days ago, 12 officers were attacked while attending a stabbing on an estate.


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