Sadiq Khan To Blown 1 Million To Tackle Right Wing Extremism

The hopeless Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is to blow 1 million pounds to tackle right wing extremism.

This shocking new scheme seems to be yet another vanity project by the failed Mayor. As more children die on our streets, Khan sees the priority elsewhere as usual. His plan is to give 1 million to groups to help tackle those who may be in danger of radicalisation.

Of course, this is yet more rubbish by Khan to detract away from the real problems in London. Khan seems to think that anyone that is not “left wing” is “far right”. Perhaps he is referring to the rise of the Populist right as we continue to reject Globalism.

Far Right Extremism or National Populism?

Far Right Extremism or National Populism?

Most of Europe and indeed the west are seeing a sharp increase in National Populism. This is our protection mechanism against the destructive affects of Globalism. We have already proven that we reject Globalism by voting the leave the EU.

Our problem is that Khan seems more concerned with tackling things unrelated to his job. We have seen him continue to meddle in matters related to Brexit and the state visit of President Trump.

Perhaps there is a small rise in people that could harbour far right tendencies. This percentage is likely to be very small in London.

Is All Of London’s Crime A Product of The Far Right?

It makes us wonder how many of the children that are dying on the streets are right wing extremists? How many of those that are attacking people with acid? How many of those engaging in violent crime and theft? The rapes, the violent assaults. Does Khan believe that all these problems are due to right wing extremism? What about the 23 k suspected jihadists on the terror watch list? Are these right wing extremists as well or not a major concern of the Mayor?

In these times when knife crime is at epidemic levels, is this money spent wisely? How many extra police officers would 1 million pounds pay for per year?

To us it seems like Khan is following his own sinister agenda as usual. Crush any sense of patriotism one may feel for his or her capital city and country. This feeling must already be alien to most of the liberal London elites.


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