Sack Sadiq Khan Petition on

The Mayor of London is under more fire as a new sack Sadiq Khan petition passes 100 K signatures. Young activist Lee Sibley started this petition on which went viral on Twitter.

This petition comes in the wake of Khan’s disgraceful comments in the Guardian. Mayor Khan accuses President Trump of being a 20th Century fascist. This comes the day before the US Presidents state visit to the UK.

Donald Trump is like a 20th-century fascist – Sadiq Khan

The thoughtless comparison was a slap in the face to both our veterans and all allied veterans. The state visit was to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings. Part of the visit was to remember those that died to defeat fascism 75 years ago.

It was not only veterans that felt anger buy Khan’s disgusting comments. Twitter was a storm of anger and frustration from patriotic people. Most of us still appreciate the huge sacrifice made by those brave men for our freedom.

More About The Sack Sadiq Khan Petition

This petition is not only about the treatment of President Trump but also Khan’s incompetence. Since be became Mayor of London, violent crime especially has risen to epidemic levels.

The delusional Mayor claims that London is now safer under his leadership. He could not be more mistaken upon review of the Met Police crime statistics.

Sadiq Khan Crime Statistics

Reasons For Starting The Petition

Lee goes on to list many reasons why he feels that Mayor Khan is unfit for his job. Below you can see some highlights of his sack Sadiq Khan petition.

  • Every morning when he wakes up there are reports of teenagers dying in London.
  • He feels unsafe to visit London or walk the streets due to the rise in murders and violent crime.
  • Khan is damaging the relationship with our US friends and closest allies.
  • The immature comments Khan makes about President Trump.
  • Khan was the person that gave the green light to the childish Trump baby balloon.

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