Mayor Khan today gave the worried public yet another excuse for the knife crime epidemic. Today he claims that poverty and deprivation are the causes of the violence.

This is coming off the back of one of the bloodiest weeks so far during his tenure. The last seven days alone have seen 13 stabbings and two shootings. Khan has no policies and no idea how to address the issue of violent crime.

This hopeless Mayor regurgitates old leftist rhetoric which has no basis. It seems that any excuse is plausible when in reality he has no answers. A few weeks ago Khan was pledging over 1 million pounds to tackle right wing extremism in the capital. Most of the victims of knife crime are unlikely to care about politics. That would seem to be yet another waste of money on a non existent problem.

Khan Pledges To Cut Stop And Search

If Khan needs help to identify the real origins of the knife crime epidemic then we are happy to help. It was him that said he would do all he can to reduce stop and search. Khan and Theresa May while she was Home Secretary are largely responsible.

Khan Reduce Stop and Search

It’s also Khan that has been encouraging the police to attend LGBT events in uniform. Our personal opinion is the police are so politicised now that these kids don’t respect them. Back in the day the police would give you a clip round the ear and send you on your way. There is also the issue of police being afraid to tackle certain minorities due to political correctness. Many are so afraid to be called racists that they fear for their careers.

Dwindling Police Numbers Protecting Our Streets

Another reason for this epidemic is the dwindling police numbers on the streets. Khan’s argument that this is the result of Austerity again has no basis. He is quite happy to blow money on cultural nonsense and vanity projects that most don’t care about. Take the million pounds to fight right wing extremism as an example. Every time Khan throws a million pounds down the drain there could be 30 more police on the streets.

Another thing to consider why Khan’s claims have no basis is for historical reasons. Most of us that grew up in tough council areas never saw such times. We would fight a lot of course but there were few incidents of knife crime.

Much of the violent crime on London’s streets is now gang related. Kids will fight another gang over turf which has nothing to do with poverty. Mass immigration is also a factor in our opinion. When you mass import many different cultures there are always going to be clashes. Some parents are even sending their children back to Africa because it’s safer.


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