Patriotism in London

London is starting to seem like a place where they outlaw any form of patriotism. How many times have we heard London Mayor Sadiq Khan bleat on about diversity being our strength? It almost feels like all forms of diversity and culture are welcome apart from our own.

Magpie and Stump Refuse Entry To Man Wearing Union Jack Suit

Today we saw two outrageous acts of anti-patriotic sentiment in London. The first incident involved a man whose heinous crime was wearing a Union Jack suit. He was refused entry into the Magpie and Stump on Old Bailey.

This happens to be a bar that claims to be traditional and serves real ales and classic British food. The Magpie and Stump also dates way back to the 15th century. So with all this great British tradition on offer, why is wearing a Union Jack suit not allowed?

The answer is likely to be that the trumped up trial of Tommy Robinson was happening also. The patriotic man was there to support Tommy, is that also a crime these days? The tweet below is actual footage of the man and his friends having to leave the bar.

The address of the bar is below if you want to boycott going in the future.

The Magpie and Stump Pub
18 Old Bailey,
London EC4M 7EP.

Two War Vets Refused Entry To All Bar One, Ludgate Hill

The second incident is even more shameful as it involved two decorated war veterans. All Bar One at Ludgate Hill is down the road from the Old Bailey. The two elderly war heroes were refused entry despite wearing their uniforms. The footage below shows how decorated these brave men are. Both sporting many medals on their uniforms.

The two gentlemen were nothing to do with the ongoing trial. They were alone and not Tommy supporters. Danny Tommo, ex armed forces himself rushed to the scene to make a video. Danny, like most of us who saw the video found this appalling.

Several complaints were then made to All Bar One to express people’s outrage. All Bar One responded by saying they took the advice of the Met Police.

All Bar One

It’s obvious by the footage that this was a complete lie. There were plenty of people still in the bar at the time of the incident.


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