London Mayor Sadiq Khan Claims London Is Safer

Sadiq Khan Crime Statistics

This is the incredible moment when London Mayor Sadiq Khan claims London is safer since he took over. This is despite all the evidence to suggest otherwise. The delusional Mayor persists with his outrageous claim oblivious to the facts.

Conservative Assembly Member Gareth Bacon confronts Khan on the harsh reality. Most areas of violent crime especially have seen massive increases under Khan.

Gareth Bacon begins by referring to an interview with Niall Paterson of Sky News on June 2nd. In this interview Paterson asks Khan if he regrets that London is less safe. The arrogant Mayor responds by claiming it’s not less safe under his leadership.

Bacon then refers to the Met Police statistics for robberies in London. He points out that in 2015/16 there were 21,361 robberies. Next he takes the figure from 2018 which came to a total of 35,216. That is a massive increase of 65% during the first two years of Khan’s rule.

Bacon then challenges Khan on whether he was being honest about London being safer. Khan says that he does to which Bacon replies with “that’s extraordinary”.

Khan Squirming & Deflecting

Khan proceeds to waffle on about the definition of violent crime and metrics. Gareth Bacon they compares the knife crime statistics from 2015/16 with 2018. Before Khan became Mayor the figures were 9,704 for 2015/2016. Bacon then tells Khan that in 2018 the number of incidents rose to 15,003. That is another huge increase of 55% in only two years of Mayor Khan.

Once again, Khan deflects from the subject blaming the previous Mayor. He also refers to the rise in national figures to evade the facts for London.

Gareth Bacon then points out a 30% increase in gun crime over the past two years. Khan again replies that London is much safer despite those facts.

The interview ends with Bacon reading out a series of damning statistics. He confronts Khan on the huge increases in violent crime in the following areas.

Gun crime is up.
Robbery is up.
Knife crime is up.
Rape is up.
Taken vehicles is up.
Residential burglary is up.
Knife crime with injury is up.
Knife crime with injury and robbery is up.

He asks Khan one last time if he is being honest about London being safer under his leadership. Khan replies he does to which Bacon replies, “that’s absolutely extraordinary”.


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