liam-gallagher, sadiq Khan

Liam Gallagher became the latest celebrity to take aim at Sadiq Khan. The former Oasis front man does not do politics but even he is aware of how incompetent Khan is.

Gallagher says “he’d have a word with that Mayor, he seems to not be doing a good job”. He goes on to reference the latest spout of teenager deaths in London. He openly admits that he is fearful for his children that are also teenagers.

Liam Gallagher Attacks Sadiq Khan

Liam Gallagher goes on to criticise Khan about his continual use of London being open. Gallagher says “what, open for knife crime, dying and stuff?”

This is only one of the recent celebrity attacks on Mayor Khan who blame him for the current state of London. Comedian Jim Davidson was also furious with Khans handling of knife crime. Jim accused Khan of F**king his home town of London up. He also said he would not set foot in London again.

Jim Davidson

Jim had his Twitter account deleted after a series of recent rants about different things. The final nail in the coffin was when he let his frustration out about the suspension of cabinet minister Mark Field.

Another big celebrity to attack Sadiq Khan recently was Jeremy Clarkson. The former Top Gear host said “Sadiq Khan You’ve f**ked London”.

Jeremy Clarkson, Sadiq Khan

Donald Trump Attacks on Khan

Donald Trump tends to dish out the punishment to Khan more than anyone. Most of these attacks are usually in response to what Khan says to the MSM.
Donald Trump, Sadiq Khan

Khan wrote in the Guardian that Donald Trump is a 20th Century Fascist. This was disgraceful on Khan’s part as the President’s state visit was to commemorate the D Day landings. The 75th anniversary of the landings no less.

In a series of tweets President Trump accused Khan of doing a terrible job as Mayor of London. He also called Khan a “stone cold loser” which then began to trend on twitter.


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