Nick Ferrari today calls for the removal of Mayor Khan from office in a fiery rant. This comes in the aftermath of another bloody weekend on London’s streets.

The last weekend of June saw six stabbings and four fatalities across the capital. London has already seen 33 fatal stabbings in 2019 from a total of 135 homicides. These levels are now the highest in over a decade as more Londoners perish.

Mr Ferrari speaking live on his LBC show has plenty of choice words for Khan. He began by attacking Khan’s last ridiculous tweet condemning violence against women. This was in the aftermath of an 8 month pregnant woman losing her life in a fatal stabbing.

Khan Violence against women

A very noble thing to say under most circumstances if several other people had not also lost their lives. Ferrari blasts Khan and says “So it’s ok to stab men then is it?” “What an extraordinary thing to say”.

I wouldn’t trust this Mayor to take out the garbage

Mr Ferrari questions how long Khan is going to get away with this. He blasts Khan as incompetent before saying “I would not trust him to take out the garbage”.

He proceeds to say how Khan will blame it on austerity and cuts as usual. These are no doubt problems across the country but Khan is in charge of his own budget. There always seems to be money for ridiculous causes like petty hate crimes online. Khan has also recently pledged over 1 million pounds to combat right wing extremism in London.

More vanity projects include closing parts of London to cars for a day to tackle global warming. The summer beach party will also return which will cost a cool £300 K.

Despite this constant stream of money at his disposal, there is none to tackle knife crime. Khan will no doubt continue to put the blame which lies at his doorstep with others.


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