David Lammy has to be one of the most controversial politicians of modern day Britain. His frequent outbursts on Twitter and MSM often cause a big stir.

The Labour MP is notorious for his race-baiting which is often directed at whites. Some of his behaviour raises serious questions about the state of his mental health.

Lammy is a vocal supporter of the UK remaining in the EU and having a peoples vote. This vote as most know is an attempt to thwart the democratic will of the people who voted to leave.

David Lammy On Racism, Bigotry And The Far Right

When Lammy is not tweeting about denying democracy it’s usually something to do with race. A good chunk of his tweets accuse others of racism or some form of bigotry. In fact, Lammy has more deleted tweets on file than most politicians we have come across.

Among his favourite targets are President Trump, Boris Johnson and other right wing politicians. Lammy seems to think that anyone right of centre is a far right extremist. That seems very rich coming from him who is very much on the hard left of politics.

There have been many instances of Lammy accusing others of being far right. This tends to be most people who support the UK leaving the EU. As you can see from the main image, Lammy compares those who voted for Brexit to Nazis. The police made an arrest outside Parliament for a man calling Anna Soubry a Nazi. We would like to know why Lammy can do this on national TV and not suffer the same fate?

Lammy has even been on TV accusing moderate right politicians of being far right. A good example of this was his recent appearance on the Andrew Marr show. Lammy does not stop there though, he goes on to compare members of the ERG to Nazis. He singles out Jacob Rees-Mogg for special treatment on this occasion.

Lammy Receives £5,000 Fine For 35,629 Nuisance Calls

Lammy received a fine of £5,000 for instigating 35,629 nuisance phone calls. The recorded calls were made over a two day period urging people to back his campaign for Mayor of London.

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham found Lammy guilty of breaking privacy rules. He did not have permission to contact the individuals. Lammy went on to finish fourth behind Sadiq Khan, Tessa Jowell, and Diane Abbott.

Comic Relief Race Row

David Lammy was at the centre of recent race row about comic relief. He hit out at Stacey Dooley after she posted a picture on Instagram holding an African baby. Stacey was in Uganda making a documentary for the charity. Lammy was not happy that the charity was using white celebrities to raise funds.

david lammy stacey dooley white saviour

To be fair, he was not the only one that took offence to this innocent image. A good chunk of the snowflake left were also up in arms in their usual poltically correct way. Lammy blasted Dooley by saying “The world does not need any more white saviours.” He only seems to have a problem with what Stacey was doing due to her being white.

Soon after the media began reporting that donations were down by 8 million on the previous year. Lammy laughed off the suggestion that he is any way responsible for this.

David Lammy Hounding President Trump

David Lammy did not take the state visit of President Trump very well at all. If he was not ranting on Twitter he was on radio shows and TV attacking the President. Lammy seems to have an unhealthy obsession with trolling the President currently.

He uses any excuse to call Trump racist, white supremacist, xenophobic and misogynistic. He has also tweeted ridiculous claims about the President being a member of the KKK.

Lammy also felt the need to weigh in on the feud between Trump and Sadiq Khan. He accuses the President of being racist because Khan is a Muslim. Trump never mentions anything to do with either race or religion. Perhaps nobody is allowed to be critical of Khan without facing the wrath of Lammy. It doesn’t seem to matter that he has done a terrible job as Mayor as long as there is an opportunity to race-bait.

It must have really upset Lammy to see how well the Queen got on with President Trump. She seemed to delight in his company and enjoy herself.

Today Lammy has again attacked the President on Twitter over a feud with four Democrats. Lammy seizes on the fact that they are ethnic minority immigrants to push his bile. He does not seem to realise that all four appear to be anti-American and anti-Israel. Perhaps that does not matter to him as that appears to be his parties position also. The recent Panorama documentary would suggest Labour care little for Jews or Israel.

Acid Attacks And White Supremacy

During another outburst Lammy seemed to condone acid attacks on white supremacists. He tweeted that he would pour whatever he could get his hands on over a white supremacist. He went on to say that his ancestors died fighting slavery and white supremacy.

David Lammy Pour Whatever I can get my hand on over a white supremacist

What he was unclear on is that it was the Dutch that kept his ancestors as slaves. The Dutch took them from their native Africa to South American Guyana. It was the British that fought the Dutch to liberate the slaves. There is no record of the slaves fighting anyone until their liberation. Many British soldiers died in the battle to capture British Guyana.

This is another example of how Lammy makes up falsehoods to justify his race-baiting and hated. There are even suggestions that Lammy is sending himself fake racial hate mail now.

White Privilege And Black Victimhood

Lammy seems to spend a lot of time banging on about white privilege. Perhaps that is no surprise considering his leader is a Marxist. The current crop of that ilk spend a lot of time with that type of grievance politics. Call everyone out on their supposed privilege and claim victimhood for minorities.

Lammy often attacks people with white skin in this way. It’s quite rich when you consider he went to the University of London and Harvard University.

He is also keen on pointing out that young black males get treated worse by the justice system. This is absolute nonsense and could be a factor why there is so much knife crime now. Ever since the death of Stephen Lawrence the police have become more politicised.

Lammy has been very vocal about stop and search, like Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. The fact remains that a higher percentage of knife crime is young black males on other black males. The reduction in stop and search is not going to prevent kids carrying knives and other weapons.


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