The Old Bailey is currently hearing the case of Samiulahaq Akbari, 32. An Afghan asylum seeker that went on a stabbing spree in Thornton Heath, Croydon.

Jurors are hearing how Samiulahaq Akbari sought out random members of the public to attack. Wielding a 10 inch knife, the alleged motive was the desire to “kill English people” the court heard.

Mr Akbari confronted members of the public in three separate locations. He demanded to know the nationality of people before proceeding to attack them.

Tesco Express Thornton Heath

The first alleged victim was Nicholas Speight who Akbari confronted in Tesco Express Thornton Heath. Tapping Mr Speight on the shoulder, Akbari demanded to know his nationality. Once Mr Speight confirmed he was English, he was allegedly attacked.

By good fortune, Mr Speight managed to fight off Akbari and escaped unharmed.

He set out to threaten, harm and kill members of the public because of their nationality

Heidi Stonecliffe – Prosecutor

Within 10 minutes or so he allegedly pulled a knife on two other men ‘fuelled with the same intention’ in Croydon. First in the Kebabish restaurant and then in the Plough on the Pond pub.

Again Akbari demands to know what John’s nationality is in an aggressive manner. He than grabs a knife from behind the bar and lunges at John.

Akbari fled after John and his three friends fought back.

Akbari then made his way up to the pub where he confronted Barry Watkins. who was on his way out clutching his pool cue and case.

CCTV footage shows Akbari again demanding to know the nationality of Barry and his friends.

He and his friends replied that they were English, at which point the defendant started lunging at them with the knife. The group of friends managed to wedge a table between them and Akbari.

Akbari, of Thornton Heath, south London, denies attempted murder and wounding with intent against Mr Speight. He also denies threatening Mr Hoy with an offensive weapon.


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